Roberto Fabelo – Divertimentos – Exposition Zaragoza June 2023

The dream universe, fantasy and the hybridization of the human and the animal that make up the artistic horizon of the Cuban Roberto Fabelo come to Zaragoza (Spain) this Thursday with his exhibition “Divertimentos “.

A multidisciplinary exhibition that brings together 57 works by Fabelo (Camagüey, 1950) at the Goya Museum in this Spanish city until September 24.

The author presented at a press conference this exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures made since 2012.

The exhibition highlights its Cuban roots, the use of idyllic and absurd resources and the presence of animals to capture the viewer’s attention and encourage their own reflection, such as the installation “Survivors”, with six humanized giant cockroaches.

Fabelo constantly resorts to animals to transmit his messages or complaints, which favors hybrid and surreal combinations, such as the flies in “Meditation of remedies”.

Another of the animals present is the rooster, of great importance in his work and in Cuban popular culture, in works such as “Fantastic Journey to Key West” or “Culinary Art III”.

The presence of fauna and flora in his works responds to the influence of his childhood and his country, so that nature is present not only through the drawings of plants or animals, but also in the very fabrics on which he they are made, like silk fabrics.

The museum dedicated to Goya (1746-1828) houses the exhibition of Fabelo, an artist in whom, precisely, the influence of this painting genius is evident and for whom he is a great reference.

The exhibition begins with the painting “Sueño de Goya”, a clear reference to “The dream of reason produces monsters” by the Spanish painter, made exclusively for the exhibition.

Goya is for him “an almost natural reference point” in his life and in his growth as an artist, said the Cuban, who recalled how he dreamed that the painter would take him by the hand through the streets of Havana.

In addition, Fabelo defined himself as a “graphomaniac”, in reference to his relationship with drawing, a discipline that he assured is his way of paying tribute to “Goya and many others”.

The Cuban artist has received numerous awards in America and Europe throughout his career, one of them by Unesco, with works that are characterized by absurd humor with which he mixes fantasy and reality.