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We select our business partners not only according to their capabilities, knowledge and experience, but we are aware that in our business honesty and solidarity with customers, associates and vendors is a duty.  Our integrity shows in the way we stand behind our products and honor our commitments and this is what we also expect from our partners.

To achieve the goals you have as a client, we work together with the following companies, among many others:

Curanice Consulting N.V. –  Curacao, N.A. offers high-quality offshore company administrative service to clients located in various markets throughout the world.


The Northern Company, active in USA, KSA, UAE and Jordan is working together with producers, cooperatives, refineries, factories and associates representing various commodities like  Gold & Precious Stones, Petroleum & Petrochemical Products, Refined Oils for Human Consumption etc.

Milar Holdings Real Estate

Mialar Holdings LLC, American (Florida) Company. 

Among several other companies, they represent the INTEL GROUP. This group is active in all areas from Energy to Industry, Finance, Media, Tourism, Petroleum, Construction, Import&Export, Diamonds and Jewellery. Their gold refinery is registered in the England Gold Exchange and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and therefore is one of our strongest partners.

Neptune World Fisheries

30 years on international seafood markets, producing quality by shared local companies, selecting and gathering the best quality products from trustable, approved packers and exporting from South and Central America, West Africa, and India. We constantly can provide fresh seafood offers.


OCZ Gold and Diamonds Group has the main office in Dubai.

Their main business is gold, diamonds from African countries for their clients in Dubai and Europe and in exchange providing agro-food-commodities for their customers in African countries and commodities worldwide. To accomplish this task with success, OCZ has 5 branches in France, Niger, Senegal, UK and KSA.

Vail Fine Art Gallery, Inc.
Museum Quality Fine Art

Paintings and Bronze

French, American and Russian Masters, Western and Contemporary Art

Hayat Fine Art Advisory is an art advisor based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Driven by excellence, Ms. Hayat Jmammou manages private and institutional collections around the world. Ms. Jmammou is recognized in the field of art as a reference for her clients and collectors, Country Chair for Culture and Heritage in Switzerland and founder of the International Women’s Art Collectors Club.

ARTMEA, Germany: Art consulting for international artists, museums as well as art gala events in cooperation with large international corporations and artists and designed and moderated similar events for companies. ARTMEA sees itself as a keeper and at the same time as a door opener to new artistic horizons for artists as well as top-class musicians, writers, photographers and film artists.

Emma Fine Arts, Greece
assists us in the acquisition and development of  Modern and Contemporary Art on the old continent and abroad.