About us

iTP International Trade Point is an operation of AMBARAZUL, LLC. Our office is located in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.
Caribbean World

As service agent, and business facilitator, iTP can provide valuable assistance to individual entities, private investors, and family offices in various aspects of art, real estate investment, and business facilitation. These services can include:

  1. Art Investment:
    iTP can help clients buy or sell art pieces, providing expertise and advice on market trends, artist profiles, and investment strategies. iTP can also assist with recommendations for transportation, storage, and insurance of art pieces.
  2. Real Estate Investment:
    In the real estate industry, iTP can help clients find properties, prepare initial offers, and negotiate with sellers on behalf of buyers. iTP can also provide market research, investment advice, and retirement planning services.
  3. Business Facilitation:
    iTP can assist with various business-related tasks, such as finding investors, customers, or clients for businesses, and providing support for corporate fiduciaries, banks, trust companies, and insurance companies.
  4. Investment Advice:
    Through it’s counselors, iTP can offer tailored investment advice and solutions, including retirement planning, long-term care planning, estate planning, and personal investment strategies.
  5. Asset Management:
    iTP may provide ongoing assistance, including organizing face-to-face meetings and periodic checkups to revisit investment goals and strategies.
  6. Market Research:
    iTP can provide clients with market research and insights, helping them make informed investment decisions.

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