HMS Rails
Product: Heavy melting steel (scrap)
HMS 1/2 in 80/20 relation
Quantity: up to 1 million MT available.
Origin: Africa
Measurements: Full length 12.5 Meters
If you wish, cut 1.5 meters to facilitate loading.
Price: US$ 385 / MT
Delivery conditions: CIF ASWP
Payment: LC of prime bank against a 2% PB opened by the supplier as a first step, thus guaranteeing the availability. No advance payment necessary.

HMS Rails

When we say “available” it’s because it’s there.

Copper Cathodes

  1. Product : copper cathodes
  2. Purity : 99.99%
  3. Dosage : Dosage in seller’s country of origin
  4. Packaging : Standard
  5. Price : minus 20% on the LME price.
  6. Quantity : 1,500 meter trial shipment following with ……………tons per month with rollers and extensions, for a period of twelve months (1 year )
  1. Export costs : Seller will fund all taxes and associated export costs (government taxes, dosage, security , documentation, port handling, storage, freight and professional fees (legal and customs clearance agent), then transport the shipment to the port of loading (Beira Mozambique) and load the shipment into the vessel to the country of destination of the buyer.

Product: Gold AU
Always looking for serious offers for gold.
Our client is willing and able to respond to a SCO or contract proposal (with letterhead of the seller) with a well-founded LOI, copy of the passport as the legal representative of the buying-paying company and the license to import gold to the country where the gold is to be shipped. A POF will only be presented after receiving a POP from a credible storage house because it is not necessary to bother the banks if there is no gold available.   
Part of the basic conditions of the SCO need to be as follows:
1 – Seller issues 2% Performance bond in buyers favor from an acceptable bank and an acceptable text.2 – Buyer issues a DLC in favor of seller.3 – Payment 3 banking days after assay at destination.4- LBMA second fixing from the previous day with an interesting discount (i.e.15% GROSS, 11% NET BUYER, commission 4%, 2% Seller side, 2% Buyer Side)Should this be within your possibilities, we will proceed with the next steps as described above. 
If required, we will also connect you directly with our client (Middle East) in due time.